We are off to a great start!

Day 8 / $0 Paid  /  $95,152.22 until freedom

 Getting things done!
It’s been about a week and we have been able to get a few things done so far.  I get paid tomorrow (every 2 weeks) and Ben gets paid on Friday (monthly).  I am so excited to add a little money to the $ Paid above!!
Items Done:
1.  Stopped direct deposits to personal savings accounts.
2.  Transferred all funds from personal savings into main savings accounts.
3.  Decreased allowance to monthly allowance of $50.
4.  Cancelled cable and internet – needed one week notice to cancel; cancel date is next Tuesday; cancellation is at the end of the billing cycle so we actually get money back!
5.  Cancelled membership to the YMCA – needed 2 weeks notice and missed the deadline; will have membership through the month of June.
6.  Cashed in points from old credit card – $250 cash, ipod shuffle, $30 in Amazon gift cards.
To Do:
1.  Go to Wells Fargo tomorrow to figure out accounts and close personal savings account as able.
2.  Return cable box to Mediacom next Tuesday.
3.  Once gifts come from the points from the old credit card – close account.
4.  Ben is adding me to his LA Fitness account to start July 1st. – will check to see if he did this yet.
5.  Need to print insurance form for club membership reimbursement.
6.  We will leave our cell phone plans the way they are for right now.
7.  Will shop around for internet service plans.
8.  Planning a garage sale to sell stuff from around the house – found lots of stuff while spring cleaning.
Here is what we are saving so far from what we have done:
1.  Cable and internet – $1836/year
2.  YMCA – $756/year
3.  Allowance – $200/month or $2400/year
New Income
Great news!  My brother decided to move in with us and rent our basement!  We will be charging him $500 a month.  That will give us an extra $6000 a year.  He will live with us for at least a year.  Thanks Rob!
We are off to a good start!  We barely spent any money this past week.  It was really tough being out and about and waiting until we got home to eat something.  We would have just stopped at a restaurant to eat.  It was really tough but we did it.  I usually pack snacks for Whitney but will start to pack for all 3 of us.  🙂
Great Feedback!
We have received awesome feedback from family and friends.  They are proud of us and our adventure and look forward to learning from us.  Some are even joining us!  Thanks for all your support!!!  It means the world to us.  🙂
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One Response to We are off to a great start!

  1. Ben says:

    Looking good baby ! We can stop by the club this morning and see what we can do to set you up there to start next month. This is goon to be a huge savings as we can both get a membership for less than half the price of just your YMCA membership. Then set it up for cash back from the insurance companies !

    Let’s get financially fit ! ! :0)

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