First Payment Made

Day 11 / $2250 Paid  /  $92,902.22 until freedom

Not what I expected
Well, I paid bills today.  I was only able to pay $2000 toward the credit card today.  My goal is to get $4000  paid on it this month.  All of our bills are paid for the month except for water/sewer.  I am waiting for that bill to arrive in the mail.  I get paid 2 more times this month plus waiting on rent from my brother.  With that, I should be able to make another $2000 payment toward the credit card.  If I can do this, the credit card will be paid off by the end of July.  That is my goal for this month and July.
My brother has a direct deposit of $125 per paycheck going to our Credit Union (He bought our Jetta from us last month for $4500).  That is also where we have our 4Runner loan.  I have received $250 in payment so far.  I applied this money toward the 4Runner loan as an extra payment.  I forgot about getting this payment and it would have just been adding up in our account sitting there.  Yay!  I will do this monthly.  Once the truck is paid off I will put the payments toward the home equity loan.
Cell Phone Bill
Our cell phone bill this month is $195.  We have 3 cell phones on this plan.  We added Ben’s mom on there to help her save some money about 1 1/2 ago.  She is paying us a yearly fee for this.  However, the bill does fluctuate a bit and I am wondering if this is still a good idea for us.  I think we may have to look at our plans and see how we can decrease this bill.  Maybe we just need to get rid of our iPhones for awhile and use our old cell phones.  This monthly bill is pretty hefty.  I will talk with Ben and see what we can do.
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